Office Atmosphere Is Key To A Positive Client Experience

Office Atmosphere Is Key To A Positive Client Experience

Anytime a client - or potential prospect - comes into contact with your brand, your brand personality should shine through. Office atmosphere can play an important role in defining your brand and differentiating your agency from all other agencies. An office atmosphere that aligns with your brand message, values, and culture can strengthen your brand image and deliver a positive client experience.

Why Office Atmosphere Is Important

Since our agents need physical office space to meet carrier and AAI membership requirements, why not use your office space to your advantage?

cozy-office-in-light-tones-with-grey-chairs-and-ta-2021-08-29-21-07-11-utcHow you present yourself to the public is crucial to your brand reputation, from your marketing all the way to your office interior. It is not necessary to hire professional designers and interior branding experts; you just need to put a little effort into your agency’s appearance, just like you put effort into your personal appearance.

The disheveled insurance agent hiding behind piles of office clutter is only charming in the movies and John Grisham novels, but won’t impress real-life prospects. 

In real life, in order to appear credible and trustworthy, make sure your office atmosphere is sending out the right message to clients.

Greeting Clients

When you are just opening your agency, chances are you’re running a one-person show. When clients arrive, you may be on a call, or finishing up another meeting. Have a place to sit comfortably and wait, maybe even a nice pitcher of water or a small coffee station - if you have the space. 

A small waiting area won’t take much effort, but it will show clients that you value their time and make them feel welcome from the moment they step in the door. 

Consider your clients and what you can do to impress them from the start. If your ideal clients are single parent entrepreneurs, having some kid-friendly reading material, a puzzle, or a coloring book will immediately signal to clients that you understand their situation.

Always make sure that you are giving off the right impression and every choice you make is a reflection of your brand.

Succeed As An Independent Insurance Agent

We can’t help you decorate and design your office, but we can help you hit the ground running, providing the tools, training, and technology to open and grow your independent insurance agency. 

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