3 Client Service Skills To Build A Positive Brand Reputation

3 Client Service Skills To Build A Positive Brand Reputation

Delivering a positive client experience will build a strong brand reputation and client loyalty. While each client is different, there are three universal client service principles that go a long way to meet client expectations: Be empathetic. Be proactive. Be available.

Client Service Skills

A referral from a client is agency gold! When clients feel valued, they tell their friends. Word of mouth is more effective than all your marketing efforts combined. The best way to get a client referral is to improve your client service skills. 

Be Empathetic

Build Positive Client Service Skills

Insurance is personal and no two situations are alike. Be empathetic to every client’s unique situation, listen to their concerns and respond in a way that makes them feel heard and understood. 

Be Proactive

While listening is foundational to a positive brand reputation, so is being proactive. You should have a good understanding of your client profile, including their demographics and psychographics. Use your insights from data audience research to be proactive and anticipate the needs of your clients. 

Be Available

Make sure you are easily available and respond to client queries and concerns in a timely manner. Clearly communicate to clients when you are available and the best ways to reach you, whether by phone, text, social media, or email. 

If you can’t respond immediately, a personal auto-response clearly communicating when you are available will signal to the client that you appreciate their time and interest. A nice touch that makes a big impact. 

Converting Prospects

Clients are inherently impatient and they can afford to be in a saturated insurance market. When researching insurance agents, chances are they reach out to more than one. If you are the first to get back to a potential new client, you have the advantage of making the best first impression. 

Being more responsive and available could be the difference between converting a prospect or them choosing a competitor. 

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