Identify Market Opportunities to Build Strategic Marketing Plan

Identify Market Opportunities to Build Strategic Marketing Plan

A strategic marketing plan is constantly evolving. Staying informed on industry and market changes should always inform your marketing strategies. Industry research allows you to recognize market opportunities and act quickly, making the best use of your resources and making informed and strategically sound decisions about your marketing plan.

Build Strategic Marketing Plan

The market has a major impact on the insurance industry, pricing, policies, etc., but cultural events and shifts are just as valuable when you build a strategic marketing plan.


The most innovative agency owners can spot opportunities within market changes and be first-movers and influencers. When you are informed, you can act quickly and have solutions ready when the market changes impact clients and our industry. 

Market opportunities that should influence and shape your marketing strategy include:

  • Market changes
  • Industry changes
  • Cultural changes
  • Local changes

Cultural and Market Shifts Should Influence Marketing Plan

Being aware of the world around you, including how your clients are directly affected by the changes, allows you to work smart, focus your marketing tactics, and think more strategically. Any time there is a shift, whether it’s the market or culturally, you need to take a minute to reassess your current situation and strategy. 

Always keep running tabs on campaign progress and success. Is your marketing in line with current events, and are you taking advantage of new marketing opportunities? How is the current situation affecting current clients and prospects? 

Local Marketing

What will be most beneficial to you, in the long run, as an independent agency owner are the shifts that happen locally or have a direct effect on your local clientele. Understanding how market shifts directly affect local clients and prospects will help you develop a personalized marketing strategy for your target audience.

Personalizing Marketing Strategy

Use audience, industry, market, and cultural research to personalize your marketing campaigns to personalize your marketing strategy.

The marketing plan gives a clear roadmap to achieve your goals. Withing the marketing plan is a more detailed strategy for how you are going to deliver. 

Personalizing your marketing will also reinforce your agency’s brand and increase your chances of success and continued growth.

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