How to Find Networking Events that Grow Your Business

How to Find Networking Events that Grow Your Business

Networking is a crucial part of success for independent insurance agents. However, not every networking event is created equally. No one wants to spend hundreds or thousands of dollars to get nothing in return! If you are trying to decide between networking event or you don’t know where to find better opportunities, use this helpful guide.

Attracting talent to a startup

Become an Expert

The best networking opportunities allow you to become the industry expert within the group. Instead of getting to know local insurance salespeople, try focusing on connecting with a wide range of business owners. While you should understand your competition, you want to focus on meeting people who could become a customer. Look for a Chamber of Commerce or Small Business Association meeting.

 Stay Local

While traveling to meet business experts and gain skills is fine, when it comes to networking, you need to start in your own backyard. Look for business events within a short drive of your office. This will not only cut down on travel expenses; it will help you meet people who may be willing to become customers.

If you are in a small town or territory, try looking for community events and bringing your business cards. While you shouldn’t approach everyone at the local farmer’s market or fair with an advertisement, these can still be great opportunities to mingle.

Start Your Own Networking Group or Meetup

If there is a lack of networking opportunities or you want to extend your reach further, try creating a networking meetup of your own. Use Facebook Events or Meetup to gain interest. If you can, try to keep your group limited to one person per industry. This can help you boost the number of referrals you get, thus increasing your overall return on investment. Keep in mind that some of the best networking groups may feature only a few very active people.

Find More Local Networking Opportunities

At Affordable American Insurance, we want to encourage you to network with other successful professionals within your territory. To learn more networking tips to help grow your agency, please contact us today.