3 Low-Cost Video Marketing Tips

3 Low-Cost Video Marketing Tips

Video is a huge part of social media marketing. While it can be tempting to put on a big performance to teach people about insurance, some of the best videos can be simplistic. You don’t need to be the best editor or write a long skit to get attention on social media. Here are a few quick, low-cost video tips that can help your social media campaign.

growing bigger, faster, and more efficientlySlideshows Make Excellent Videos

One of the easiest ways to make a quality video is to record a slideshow. Developing the slideshow is usually easier than putting together a video presentation, especially since most elements are “dragged and dropped” into the correct position. All you need to do is make it look good and record it!

Special Event Coverage

Another option is to find a local event that ties into being an independent insurance agent. This could be as simple as attending a trade show. Make a video at the event and tell your social media followers why the event is important. If the event isn’t in a public place, be sure to get permission before recording.

If there aren’t any events coming up and you need content, try relating insurance to a current event. Act like a reporter would and discuss the facts of a newsworthy situation. While you can’t give advice about insurance coverage to strangers, you can emphasize the importance of having good coverage.

Read a Few of Your Blog Posts

Not sure where to start with a script and don’t want to pay someone to write one for you? Try converting a few of your blog posts into video format! Read through popular posts on similar topics and write a summary. Try explaining the content as you would to a friend. Then, all you need to do is record yourself.

If you don’t want to show your face, try making a slideshow to go along with your video. Then, record your voice and play it over the slides.

Find More Video Marketing Tips

Video can help you command attention on social media. At Affordable American Insurance, we want you to be able to make the content you need to be successful. For more marketing tips, please contact us today.