Choosing the Right Keywords for Your Blog

Choosing the Right Keywords for Your Blog

While search engine optimization for independent insurance agents is becoming a little more relaxed and natural, centering a website around a highly-specific keyword is still a good idea. Keywords don’t need to dominate your website; however, they still serve an important role. Use this guide to learn how to choose the right keyword and just how much it should be used.

Local Keywords for Improved Walk-Ins

The Internet may be a global service, but it is used more and more to connect communities. When developing your keywords, keep location in mind and be specific. If you want to develop your business within a specific territory, include the name in a few variants. For example, “Colorado agent,” “Boulder CO agent,” and “Boulder County agent” are all excellent choices to use.

Show What You Do

Not everyone is familiar with Affordable American Insurance or the services that an independent agent can offer. When selecting keywords, think about your target audience and how you will be helping them. Choose a keyword that helps convey that message, such as “Colorado auto insurance sales.” Write a list of potential keywords. If you get stuck, try looking at the buying cycle for inspiration.

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Keep it Simple, but Specific

In the past, SEO was based on adding multiple keywords as often as possible. Now, search engines focus on natural speech and the overall quality of information. After writing your long keywords, try to think of one or two to include in each post. Don’t use every keyword and try to mention the location. This will help you focus your content more on your readers, rather than on the search engines.

Learn Advanced Search Engine Optimization Tactics

Affordable American Insurance knows the importance of SEO and the impact it can have on independent insurance agents. Contact us to learn more about SEO and see how it can help your business grow.