What to Do if Your Business is Without Internet

What to Do if Your Business is Without Internet

Most modern businesses need the Internet to function, and your independent insurance agency is no exception. While you can still meet with clients without Internet access, it will be hard to perform account maintenance and complete sales. Luckily, there are a few things you can do as an agent to help minimize the impact of being disconnected.

Tips for entrepreneurs and independent insurance agents in Colorado Without office wifi, you may find yourself working in strange locations!

Sync Schedule Changes to Your Phone

Scheduling appointments can be done in multiple ways. While some professionals understand the importance of keeping a physical agenda, it isn’t uncommon for new businesses to go completely digital. The only issue is that if there is an Internet outage, you will be unable to access your most recent calendar. Automatically syncing the changes to your phone can serve as an excellent backup, especially if all plans need to be made while the user is online.

Invest in a Hotspot or Find a Coffee Shop

Public wifi can be a lifesaver in the event of an outage. While you might not be able to do everything from the comfort of a café, you should still be able to access email and social media. This allows you to stay updated on any industry advancements and provide customer service. Learn where the free wifi locations are within walking distance of the office so that you are prepared for emergency situations.

Can Your Business Survive No Internet?

The Internet is a vital component of the modern insurance business. While most business development tasks can be completed offline, there is no reason why a company cannot function with limited access to the Internet. Learning where wifi hotspots are and properly budgeting the person’s time can go a long way.

Lost and confused?

Every business is reliant on the Internet in a different way. Affordable American Insurance wants every member affiliate to be prepared. If you find yourself unable to run your independent insurance agency or need professional insight into your connectivity issues, please contact us today.