The A-Team: How to Make Your Agency Successful

The A-Team: How to Make Your Agency Successful

Anyone can start an agency, but not everyone will succeed. Learn how to make your agency successful with this step-by-step guide on the A-Team’s strategies and techniques. Whether you want to build up your existing business or start anew, the A-Team has the tips and tricks that you need to succeed in your industry and make your agency one of the best in the nation!

How Affordable American Insurance Can Help Your Agency

Working with an insurance industry network offers several distinct advantages. You don’t need to work from scratch and have access to helpful resources. AAI provides easy access to the latest technology, as well as training to keep you at the top of your game and keep growing your agency. Here’s a look at four ways we can help: 

Carrier Representation

An insurance industry network like AAI takes care of the carrier work for you. They get in touch with popular providers, conduct background research, and find reliable products.  By increasing your carrier representation, you’ll have more options available at your fingertips — and more ways to grow your business. 


We know how to start and run an independent insurance business. With access to our entire executive team, you will have us to back you up, and give advice, and training to help you not just grow, but thrive.  Whether it’s technology that needs updating or a new marketing strategy that will improve your bottom line, we are there for you. 


AAI uses the latest technology to help clients and insurance agencies. We recommend and train our agents with user-friendly software specifically designed to make life easier for insurance agents, as well as office management and communication programs.

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We are insurance and business professionals, so we have a unique perspective on how to establish an insurance agency and the obstacles you might face. You'll gain access to a vast knowledge network. Being a part of a network entails exchanging information and insights as well as keeping up with industry trends.

At AAI, we set you up with all the tools your agency needs to thrive as an independent agent. Contact us for more information on starting an independent insurance agency.