Your Independent Insurance Agency Needs a Business Recovery Plan

Your Independent Insurance Agency Needs a Business Recovery Plan

Business Recovery Plans Benefit Small Businesses Too

If there was a disaster today, could your business continue to operate? As a business owner, this is a fundamental question you need to ask yourself. Downtime is expensive, so putting your business in a position where you can't bounce back from a critical situation like that is not an option.

Many consider business recovery plans, something that only large businesses need; however, they are essential for small businesses too. Large companies usually have a financial fund meant to keep them afloat in complicated situations, something small businesses don't always have.

A business recovery plan will give you peace of mind. These are some of the reasons why your business needs one.

Disaster recovery for small businesses

Disasters Are Imminent

No one ever thinks disasters are coming, and we're not just talking about natural disasters —it could be a power surge or a hacker attack. We look at those events as things that are very far away from our reality; however, they do happen —more frequently than you can imagine— and no one is safe from them. Being one step ahead is the smartest thing you can do.

Disasters Impact Your Business and Customers

When you're in downtime, your business is not the only one affected. If you're unable to restore your operation promptly after a disaster, your customers will also be affected.

Disasters Affect Data - Your Most Valuable Asset

What would you do if you lost all of your data? If all laptops in your network collapsed or your central server stops working, you would have to start from scratch. Backup servers are an essential part of your business continuity plan, which will allow you to get back on track quickly if something were to happen.


Business recovery plans are a  must for your small business. Are you willing to put your independent insurance agency at risk, or will you do what is needed to protect it from the unexpected?