Change the Insurance Industry with Innovative Hiring

Change the Insurance Industry with Innovative Hiring

Once your agency starts to take off, it’s time to hire more producers to keep your growth momentum going. While you want to hire someone with experience, don’t be afraid to think outside the box and change the insurance industry with innovative hiring. You took a chance on yourself and your agency; now it’s time to take a chance on the rest of your team.

Shape the future of the insurance industry

Young ProfessionalAAI was founded because we were tired of doing things the same way, we wanted to shake things up, and now we’re one of the fastest-growing insurance brokers in the US. Being an independent agent allows you to find innovative ways to shape the insurance industry’s future by hiring a new group of people. 

It may seem scary and uncertain to take a risk and hire outside of the insurance industry, but we all have to start somewhere, so why no be the leader that helps bring in a new era of producers and agents. As long as the persons have the drive and potential to become great insurance agents, there’s no reason not to hire outside the industry.

Bringing in the younger generations

The younger generations, millennials and gen Z, are an untapped resource that can bring a new perspective on how we operate and open up new opportunities to reach new clients. Millennials, in particular, are looking to rethink the entire work industry, how we look at customer service, sales, and marketing. There is a lot to gain from hiring younger generations for your agency. 

Hiring young professionals for your agency won't be hard. There are aspects of the insurance industry that appeal to the younger generations, like being a recession, and now, pandemic resistant industry. Having young professionals on your team will also open up new avenues for reaching younger clients, who are famously underinsured. It's a win-win growth strategy.

Join AAI and get the tools, training, and technology you need to grow your agency, be a leader, and help shape the future of our industry.