Affordable American Insurance: The Network for Independent Insurance Agents

Affordable American Insurance: The Network for Independent Insurance Agents

Are you an independent insurance agent looking for a way to grow your business and maximize your reach? Look no further than Affordable American Insurance (AAI), a network for independent insurance agents. AAI offers agents a connected network with best-in-class resources and support to help them grow their businesses and be more successful. With AAI, independent agents have access to the tools, resources, and support they need to take their business to the next level.

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There are several benefits to collaborating with a viable insurance network like ours, including the following: 

Education: We are well-versed in the ins and outs of launching and managing a successful independent insurance agency. To succeed and flourish, you will have the full support of the executive team behind you to offer guidance and coaching. 

Access to cutting-edge technology: AAI employs advanced technology to serve its agents and the insurance industry better. We advocate for and provide instruction on the usage of office management and communication solutions tailored to the unique needs of insurance agents.

Carrier access: AAI provides insurance agents access  to a network of 60+ popular carriers. We monitor new carriers and go through the acquisition process for you. But we don't just accept any; we carefully analyze new insurance providers and thoroughly investigate their products and services before partnering with them to be sure these new providers will benefit our agents and compete too heavily with other the options AAI is partnered with.

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Affordable American Insurance has been driving success for independent agencies since 2004. Our unique network provides a business model for a captive insurance agency to transition to the independent world; or a platform for an existing independent agency to increase revenue, and grow your business bigger, faster, and more efficiently. Learn more here