Cultivate the Client Experience Your Target Audience Wants

Cultivate the Client Experience Your Target Audience Wants

When you strive to cultivate the client experience with your target audience, you will increase retention rates. The client experience lifecycle is a customer's journey from discovering the business to recommending it to their immediate circle, and beyond.

Stages of the Client Experience Lifecycle

The following are the six stages of the client experience lifecycle:

  1. Discover
    Discovering the existence of your brand or product is the beginning of your relationship with the client. You need to invest in marketing strategies and engaging content to reach your targeted audience and develop awareness. Online reviews and word-of-mouth are equally important methods of discovery.

  2. Evaluate
    The clients of today do their homework before making a purchase. That's why it is important to provide consistent information on all marketing channels, be it sales agents, online boards, websites, or customer reviews. Your product should answer the client's questions and present solutions to their problems. Not just this, your answers and solutions should be better than your competitors'.

  3. Purchase
    If you have successfully engaged your potential client's interests, providing a smooth purchasing process is the next step. Once they make a purchase, you have cultivated a relationship with them, and it is now up to you how you take this forward. Provide exceptional customer service if they have any questions or concerns, and you may have a repeat customer on your hands.

  4. Experience
    The easier your purchase process (online, without having to jump extra hoops), the more your interaction with your client (send prompt answers to queries, resolve issues on time, send a feedback survey), the pleasanter their experience, and hence, the greater your chance of having them become your repeat customer.

  5. Renew
    Getting a client to make additional purchases from you is what this stage is all about. Understand their needs and make improvements based on feedback so you can continue to delight your customers, and they, after forming an emotional bond with your business, keep coming back for more.

  6. Refer
    The peak of cultivating the right client experience is when your clients start acting as your brand ambassadors by promoting your products. This can either be done by word-of-mouth or by leaving online reviews. That is where you offer loyalty programs to your oldest or most valuable clients.

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