3 Quick and Easy Ways to Boost Search Engine Optimization

3 Quick and Easy Ways to Boost Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a process that many independent insurance agents struggle with. While SEO can be learned, it is continuously changing. This makes it an ongoing battle with busy insurance agents. Luckily, there are a few SEO tricks that aren’t very likely to go away.

advanced training on proven marketing strategiesGet Connected with Social Media

If you want your content to get shared, you need to be on social media. Your social media presence affects many of your business development and marketing activities. For example, if you don’t build a Facebook page or Twitter account, you are losing access to a highly-targeted audience.

This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to start a paid advertising campaign on social media to attract more traffic. Most people can start reaping the benefits of social media simply by getting active. Adding easy share buttons and links to your profiles can also help you boost overall engagement. This helps to boost natural traffic and build strong backlinks, two major factors in SEO.

Build a Responsive Website

Mobile users matter when it comes to SEO. When people are finding your website and clicking away because it isn’t displaying correctly, you are increasing your bounce rate. Having a significant bounce rate is usually associated with having long or uninteresting content. A responsive website fixes this issue by automatically detecting the user’s device and adjusting itself accordingly.

Post Regular Content

Search engines will always love fresh content. They don’t want to send their users to a source that could potentially be outdated, so they often favor recent posts when displaying results. While this is usually a small difference, regular content can also encourage your social media followers to visit more often. This improves your Google ranking even more.

Get Great SEO Tips

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