Why It's Good To Be An Independent Agent

Why It's Good To Be An Independent Agent

There are several benefits of becoming an independent agent, and the field of insurance can offer plenty of opportunities for success. If you’re thinking about becoming an independent agent, here are some reasons why it’s good to be one, as well as some advice about getting started and finding success with your business.

Freedom of Choice

One of your most valuable freedoms as an independent agent is choice. You have complete control over which insurance products you represent, and can offer a wide variety of options to suit your client’s needs and preferences. 

Build Trust With Potential Clientsamy-hirschi-K0c8ko3e6AA-unsplash

When someone is looking for insurance, trust goes a long way. They may not know if you are an independent agent, but if they feel like you will do your best to help them find insurance that fits their budget and needs, they will work with you. You also have to be able to explain why one plan is better than another or go into details about what kinds of coverages each provides.

As an independent agent, you have a wide range of companies to offer your clients. This means that you can be selective and offer only what is right for your client. Your credibility with clients will increase if they know that their financial future is in your hands. In addition, working with multiple insurance companies allows you to recommend a wider range of products and services that are in line with your company’s values or that align best with your client’s needs.

Benefit From Multiple Marketing Channels

As an independent agent, you have access to multiple channels of insurance marketing: Google AdWords, email marketing, local trade shows, word-of-mouth networks — whatever it takes to reach potential customers. Your choices are limited as a captive agent, but as an independent agent, you can draw on many sources of advertising in your search for new clients.

No Territorial Limits

Since independent agents can sell products from multiple companies, they are not limited to selling one company’s product and are not restricted to a certain area when marketing to potential clients. 

Develop Relationships With Other Agents

Being an independent agent can be difficult, but by connecting with other agents, you can benefit from each other’s experience and grow your business. Try to attend as many association meetings as possible and make connections there. You should also check out trade shows where you can get information on various types of insurance, new updates on specific policies, and other general business advice. 

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