The Power of a Sales Funnel: How to Optimize Online Conversion

The Power of a Sales Funnel: How to Optimize Online Conversion

The success of your business depends on your ability to market and sell your product or service online. A sales funnel allows you to focus your marketing efforts in one place, where your audience can find you quickly and get the information they need to buy from you at the end of the process. Read on to learn the actionable steps for optimizing your sales funnel. 

Be Found

A well-designed website is an essential element for establishing your online presence. For independent agents, reaching local clients is a top priority regardless of your ideal client and insurance niche. To do so, you should create a Google Business Profile so your agency appears on Google search and maps. Based on your marketing research, you should also establish social media profiles where your clients are searching. 

Grab Their Attention

To gain their attention, you will need a solid content strategy, which may include blogs, social media posts, white papers, FAQs, etc. Your content should provide excellent information, allowing the customer to do some research and determine if you have what they're looking for. Establish yourself as a thought leader, a guide, and a trusted source of information. Provide a solution that anticipates their demands and expectations. 

Convert Themdocument-agreement-documents-sign-48195

An independent agent can differentiate themselves from the competition during the decision/conversion process. From baby boomers to generation Y & Z, consumers want a human touch before they make their final decision. Present the benefits of working with an independent agent, how you can form a partnership with them, and how you will customize your services to meet their needs both now and in the future.

Every step of the funnel should have a clear and direct Call to Action, an opportunity for prospects to make a decision, and provide you with their information that will lead to a call that will, hopefully, result in a new client. 

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