Recession-Proof Your Career in the Insurance Industry

Recession-Proof Your Career in the Insurance Industry

Despite current economic and social uncertainties, the insurance industry continues to grow as companies and individuals protect their income sources, property, and lives through policies with reputable insurance companies. This demand for insurance will continue well into the future, making an insurance career one of the most stable occupations. 

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Through the recession of 2008 and the recent pandemic, the insurance industry has held firm and proven to be both recession and pandemic-proof. So how has the insurance industry managed to survive during this crisis? Why have independent agents fared so well during the pandemic? Well, the short answer is that people need insurance. Most people consider car, home and health insurance to be mandatory expenses, and the safety net created by insuring their valuable assets – families, homes, businesses - brings a feeling of certainty in these uncertain times.

Other Reasons to Choose a Career in Insurance

If you’re thinking about pursuing a career in insurance, here are a few other reasons to help you make up your mind:

No Shortage of Jobs

Insurance is one of the practical necessities of life. Therefore, there will always be a demand for workers in the insurance industry because people will always need it.

A Stable Career

While other companies and industries have laid off employees, insurance companies are looking for new employees to join their teams. As a result, leading insurance companies continued to hire fresh talent even when the pandemic was at its peak.

Remote Work

Independent insurance agents were accustomed to working remotely before the pandemic made it commonplace. Technology has made it simple to close sales and submit claims and settlement requests from anywhere through online communication, sales, issue resolution, and client retention. This has increased productivity.

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