Overcoming the Fear of Starting an Independent Insurance Agency

Overcoming the Fear of Starting an Independent Insurance Agency

Starting an independent insurance agency takes a lot of guts and ambition. Branching out on your own in such a big way comes with its potential financial implications, worrying about building the right team, and finding office space. On top of all that, you have to build your client base from the ground up. We understand these fears, we’ve been there, and we’ve built a business around helping aspiring independent insurance agents like you overcome their fears and thrive as a boss and business owner. 

Don’t Be Afraid to Bet on Yourself 

SuccessIf you’re coming from the protected position of a captive agent, the freedom of transitioning to the independent world of insurance may be both attractive and frightening. The fear of starting over is scary, but your belief in yourself needs to be your driving force. The fear of not being able to handle all your responsibilities can be overwhelming, but the right network to guide you through each stage will lessen the anxiety of being “alone.” The fear of not being able to sign clients can make you apprehensive, but joining our team will give you instant access to carriers so you can offer clients the best service and insurance. 

While the risks are high, the rewards of owning an independent insurance agency overshadow the fear of failure. With the right strategies, marketing, and a dedicated mindset you’ll go into your new venture with confidence in your abilities to convert your new agency into a major player within the insurance agency. Knowing that you have the skills, ambition, and passion will lead the charge for success. 

Don’t let fear keep you from realizing your dreams and being a master of your own destiny.

Starting an independent agency without fear 

The biggest barrier that captive agents face when dreaming of going independent is being alone and having everything rest of your shoulders. AAI is a professional network of entrepreneurs, business owners, and independent insurance agents who want to support and empower other agents to succeed. 

AAI provides you with all the necessary resources and reinforcement, to help refine your skillset as an agency owner. You will get consistent support, technology, guidance, and training. Know that you’re never alone when you go independent with us. 

Let’s help you overcome the fear of starting an independent agency. Contact us today.