How to Be A More Productive Boss And Grow Your Agency

How to Be A More Productive Boss And Grow Your Agency

The beginning of the year is always full of optimism and renewed energy. January feels like a fresh start, and the future holds limitless possibilities. While we encourage you to be ambitious, you have to be realistic. Setting unrealistic business goals can lead to disappointments and stifle your productivity. To be a more productive boss in 2022 and grow your agency, you need to know how to set realistic goals, manage your resources, prioritize, and keep your eye on the prize. 

How to Be a More Productive Boss

hourglass-on-laptop-computer-concept-for-time-mana-2021-08-26-22-30-02-utcThere’s a fine line between ambition and aspirations. While ambition is geared towards world domination and power, aspirations tend to focus more realistically on the situation at hand. Ambition is a great long-term goal, an overarching desire for your agency to do great things, while aspirations are rooted in your agency’s values and purpose.

Ambition focuses on your self-worth and image rather than how your agency can be of value to clients and thereby grow with purpose. 

Shifting your mindset from ambition to aspirations can help you set more realistic and achievable business goals, improving your success rate and productivity. 

Achieving realistic goals will motivate your team to be more productive and driven.

Turning Aspirations Into Realistic Business Goals

The most productive bosses understand how to take their overarching aspirations for their agency and break them down into smaller and more manageable short-term business goals. By breaking up long-term goals you make each task more manageable. 

Achieving short-term goals will keep everyone on a high, fueled by constant small successes that will drive your agency towards the bigger goal. 

Hone Your Time Management Skills

Once you have set goals, use your resources wisely. As the boss, you need to oversee everything and ensure that you and yoru team are constantly working towards achieving both short-term and long-term business goals. 

You have to delegate tasks to the right people and set realistic budgets and timelines. Productivity is all about organization. 

  • Identify clear objectives
  • Delegate responsibilities
  • Set daily, weekly, and monthly goals
  • Consult with your team
  • Schedule regular check-ins with your team
  • Don’t micro-manage

Micromanaging Stifles Productivity

You shouldn’t have to micromanage your team. If you have to micromanage your team you are not able to be productive as a boss. Trust your team, and if you can’t make changes. Your job is to oversee daily operations, ensure that short-term goals are supporting long-term goals, and stay focused on the big picture. 

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