How To Be a Local Marketing Rockstar as an Independent Insurance Agent

How To Be a Local Marketing Rockstar as an Independent Insurance Agent

Do you want to be a marketing rockstar? Then start by thinking about where your business takes place. When you’re working as an independent insurance agent, you don’t just work in the office and at your home office. You also get out into the community to meet with clients and potential clients, attend conferences and events, and spend time with the people who count on you to protect their financial future. And it’s in these everyday situations that you can really shine! Use the following tips to start crafting your local marketing campaign today.

Be Part of The Community

Is your business reaching out to local organizations in your community? If not, you’re missing out on all of that free advertising and potential future customers. Take time each week (or more) to join a local business group or organization. Share valuable information about your services and learn about what other businesses are doing around town. Be visible in your community, and you’ll reap the benefits down the road.


Tell a Story

Develop your brand story. Bring it alive. Use each marketing channel (social media, website, direct mail) to spread your brand story and its call to action. Don’t forget to include you throughout; make it personal! And never forget that every little detail of your marketing is a part of that story — so choose them wisely and strategically based on what you want people to think about you when they hear or see your message.

Support Charity Groups

Get your community on board. The more you involve your clients in local events, charity drives and school activities, etc., will make you that much more valuable in their eyes. Your clients will love it too — they can see what kind of person you are and feel good about supporting someone who does so much for their community. 

Have Fun

There’s nothing like throwing your heart and soul into what you do. Take joy in celebrating your community, and don’t forget that your clients are more than potential buyers — they’re neighbors, friends, and maybe even family. When you get out there and make yourself known, there’s no way people won’t notice! 

Create Video With Client Testimonials

The best marketing for any local business is word-of-mouth. One of the most effective ways to get client endorsements is by creating and maintaining quality video testimonials from happy clients. Ask your satisfied customers to share their honest thoughts about your products and services via video, then compile them all into one professional advertisement that you can post on multiple social media platforms.

Speaking Engagements Are Valuable

Seek opportunities to speak at local association events, local charity fundraisers, or any other forums that will attract your target audience. By speaking on topics related to insurance, you’ll build valuable relationships with others in your field — and improve your credibility within your industry. 

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