How Can Independent Insurance Agents Attract New Customers Online?

How Can Independent Insurance Agents Attract New Customers Online?

The world has gone mobile. If you aren’t focusing your efforts and using some resources to grow an online presence, you’re missing a major opportunity for growth. The majority of consumers will do some sort of research online before they decide to purchase. You need to become a valuable resource in the buyer journey to attract new customers online. 

Why You Need to Attract New Customers Online

The days of customers phoning individual insurance providers and getting a quote are practically done. Today, your biggest competition is online price comparison websites, and the only way to stay competitive is to provide more valuable information and resources when consumers are searching online.

Automated insurance portals with instant quotes are convenient, but they are missing a valuable element in the consumer experience - personalization. Consumers use the internet to do research and familiarize themselves with their options. This is a prime opportunity for you to personalize the online experience.

Building an Online Presence

african-man-working-on-laptop-in-cafe-digital-mar-2021-08-29-17-48-11-utcBefore you start to personalize the experience, you need a place online to position yourself as an industry leader and draw the attention of consumers interested in buying insurance. 

The three most popular digital tools to build an online presence are:

  • Website
  • Google My Business
  • Social Media

Content Marketing

To attract new customers online, you need to create valuable and relevant content. There are many types of content, from blogs, articles, surveys, white papers, tutorials, etc. The type depends on your target audience and the particular pain point you are trying to address. Regardless of the type of content, always have the consumer in mind. Anticipating their needs is a vital aspect of content marketing.

Finding the right tone and style of content that is most attractive to your target audience will not only lead to higher conversion rates but will define your brand and strengthen your online credibility. 

Personalizing the Digital Experience

Automated portals satisfy the need for consumers to get a quick price check. However, they do little else. You can attract and engage consumers in the interest and consideration stage of the buyer’s journey by empathizing with their situation and providing information that speaks directly to their needs. 

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