Don't Miss a Call Again: Make the Switch to VoIP

Don't Miss a Call Again: Make the Switch to VoIP

As an independent insurance agent, one of your most important goals should be to run your business as efficiently as possible. And while there are numerous ways you can do this—from outsourcing specific administrative tasks to automating repetitive sales processes with CRM software—switching to Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology can cut costs in a big way and improve the overall experience for your clients and prospects at the same time. Here are four reasons to make the switch. 

Lower Costs

Reduced costs are one of the top benefits for independent agents to switch to VoIP systems. Setup fees, monthly costs, and per-line expenses are all significant costs associated with landlines. To see how much you could save by switching to VoIP, go to

First Impressions

A client or prospect's perspective on your business often hinges on their first impression of you over the phone. Are they put on hold, or do they hear a welcome message with easy directions? No matter the size of your agency, you will sound more professional with a VoIP system. Another important feature is call quality. With technological advances and increased internet speeds, VoIP phones provide the call quality to make a great first impression.

Remote Work Option

Nowadays, employees can work from anywhere, and voice-over IP (VoIP) provides the tools for these remote staff members to be communicated with effectively. Plus, using personal numbers for business calls isn't practical or professional. VoIP systems support working remotely through mobile and desktop apps. Employees can also receive voice messages as email attachments.

Amazing FeaturesAAI body-1

VoIP phones use the internet to make and receive calls using analog phones plugged into Ethernet jacks. A web portal makes it easy to customize features, including:

  • Virtual receptionist. Adding a virtual receptionist can avoid missing important calls due to a busy signal or an unprofessional greeting. Instead of hearing a busy signal or being put on hold, callers can listen to a message and choose from department or service options.
  • Ring groups. Ring groups can be programmed to ring simultaneously to ensure everyone in a department receives the call, such as the sales or customer service departments. 
  • Virtual fax. VoIP allows you to send faxes to a traditional fax machine, but with virtual fax, you don't need traditional equipment to send them, which means they can be sent from anywhere.
  • Existing number. VoIP allows you to keep your business number for a seamless transition. You can begin making and receiving calls as soon as you plug in your phones. 

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