Defining Your Agency’s Brand Voice

Defining Your Agency’s Brand Voice

A brand voice should be authentic to you, your agency, and target audience. Your client communications tone and style and your marketing strategy should reflect your industry and products and match your audience’s style. Defining a brand voice positions you to be an identifiable and authoritative source of information, placing your agency on a bigger, more sustainable platform. 

Defining a brand voice

Defining a Brand VoiceBe honest with yourself first, so you come off as authentic and caring. You can’t fake it till you make it when it comes to branding an agency. Clients can spot inauthenticity in a second, and once you have a reputation for being inauthentic, it will be hard to shake. Defining a brand voice requires some introspection and assessing what is necessary, so your brand goes above and beyond to address client needs. Finding your voice and setting the right tone in the content you provide, including blogs, social media marketing, and advertising, creates a reputable and successful agency

Creating a brand voice chart, including voice characteristics, descriptions, and dos/don’ts, can simplify this process and help you deliver a consistent brand voice over time.

Determine whom you are talking to

A brand voice will be heard if it’s addressing the right people in the right place at the right time using the right tone. To help define your voice, research your target audience and organize a test group. This group can include friends and family, as long as they are in the right demographic and target audience. 

You also need to evaluate the type of information the client seeks out most and understand their lifestyle choices, hobbies, and interests. Find out what kind of communication they prefer, where they like to get their information, which platforms and mediums, and how often. These insights help ensure your brand voice resonates with the people it’s intended to reach. 

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