Define Your Brand Before Starting an Independent Agency

Define Your Brand Before Starting an Independent Agency

Before you make the leap from captive to an independent agent, you need to define your brand. The brand is the essence of your agency, the personal side of your agency. Not to put too much pressure on defining your brand, but the brand is the soul of your agency and the part that will make unconscious connections with customers. Insurance is a personal business. Achieving success as an independent insurance agent will depend on how well you are able to make deep and personal connections with your local audience, starting with a clear definition of your brand. 

Define your brand

Your brand should separate your agency from the competition and give your audience insight into what they can expect from working with your agency. The first question a potential client will ask is, “why should I give your agency my business?” Therefore, you should start by having an answer to that question. Why, indeed?!Naming Your Independent Insurance Agency

Think back to all the times you spent daydreaming at your captive job about doing things differently, having access to more carriers, focusing on a specific industry and client demographic, and being able to provide more value to clients. Think about all the times you have felt limited as a captive agent, bound by quotas and pushing the same policies over and over. What will you do as an independent agent that you cannot do now as a captive agent? How will your business and expertise change and grow? What value will you offer clients that you can't offer now?

All of the factors motivating you to leave a captive job and take a chance on yourself will help you define your brand. Go deep, make it personal. 

A clear definition of your brand will provide a foundation to drive all the other practical elements of running a successful independent agency, like finding your niche, defining your ideal client, writing business and marketing plans, and marketing your agency.

Starting an independent insurance agency

We created Affordable American Insurance (AAI) because we were tired of doing things the same way and wanted to propel the industry forward. We know how to help captive agents succeed as independent agents by providing a turnkey business model and a roadmap to success.

Our members get access to tools, training, and technology and become part of a network of like-minded professionals who are all successful as independent agents and entrepreneurs. 

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