Are You Posting Too Much?

Are You Posting Too Much?

Building an online brand takes a lot of patience and effort. While posting frequently plays a role in becoming viral, long-term business development is much more complex than “post as much as possible.” In fact, if you are anticipating social media or blogging to be one of your main sources of traffic, you carefully need to monitor your pots and will likely be stepping back a little bit.

advanced training on proven marketing strategiesOverposting Leads to Spam

Even if you aren’t posting the same picture or advertisement over and over again, your account could still be seen as spam if you are posting too frequently. On most platforms, posting 10 times within a 24-hour period is seen as excessive. To maximize your exposure without risking alienation, you need to limit yourself to just the high-quality content.

Create a Social Media Schedule

As an independent insurance agent, the time you choose to update social media should be consistent. Try creating a unique tweet in the early morning and one at night. Experiment with different time slots to determine the most effective placement. Then, develop a two per day schedule for each platform. If something really exciting comes up, don’t be afraid to share all the details with your followers.

Stop and Think

The AAI blog has mentioned the importance of thinking about each message is important. Keeping a strong, professional demeanor is crucial. You don’t want to accidentally tweet a rude message or a misused fact. By thinking before each post, you are reducing the risks of a social misunderstanding or PR nightmare.

Get Attention and Keep Your Quality

At Affordable American Insurance, we are happy to help independent insurance agents gain a better grasp of social media and blogging concepts. Contact us today to learn more about why you shouldn’t post too much on social media.